News in the Lab

September 2021

Huge congratulations to Maria Ilieff and Rya Buckley on their receipt of Ontario Graduate Scholarships!!!

Lab member, Holly Boyne, disentangles between and within-person effects to examine associations among depressive symptoms, stress, self-compassion, and nonsuicidal self-injury over time among post-secondary students! Check out her exciting new paper here:

June 2021

Congratulations to lab member, Holly Boyne, for her receipt of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Scholarship!! Way to go Holly!!!

May 2021

We are excited to welcome Rya Buckley to the lab! Rya will be joining us as an MA student in school and clinical child psychology student in Sept 2021! Rya is interested in understanding the help-seeking experiences of marginalized students on post-secondary campuses. Welcome Rya!!

April 2021

Check out our new study on stressful experiences in university, emotional reactivity, and nonsuicidal self-injury published in Frontiers in Psychology! Click the link here:

November 2020

Lab member, Lexi Ewing, has been invited to serve on the editorial board for Journal of Youth and Adolescence (as a pre-doctoral member)! Huge congratulations to Lexi on this exciting accomplishment!

October 2020

Our lab is currently being featured by the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development a OISE! Come check us out here:

September 2020

Congratulations to Ariana Simone on the publication of her paper, “Examining the disclosure of nonsuicidal self-injury to informal and formal sources: A review of the literature,” in Clinical Psychology Review! Read more about her interesting work here:

New paper Alert: Findings from the lab show that students who experience increasing social isolation during the pandemic experiencing increasing psychological distress. Check out our cool findings here:

July 2020

Join us at the Canadian Psychological Association Virtual Conference! Several members are presenting recent work: Dr. Hamza, Ariana Simone, Lexi Ewing and Holly Boyne! We hope to “see” you there!

May 2020

Check it out - Dr Hamza is currently being featured as a leading researcher for her work on post-secondary student mental health on Best Practices in Canadian Higher Education! This initiative, which is a collaboration among U of T, McGill, and Queens curates and disseminates emerging, promising, and best practices in post-secondary student mental health! Visit to learn more!

April 2020

Congratulations to Ariana Simone on receiving a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (2020-2023)! Ariana’s doctoral research focuses on understanding interpersonal factors and mental health disclosure experiences among young persons.

Congratulations to Lexi Ewing on receiving the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award (2020-2023)! Lexi’s doctoral work is focused on understanding risk and resiliency among emerging adults during the transition to post-secondary school.

Congratulations to Holly Boyne, on her receipt of a doctoral Ontario graduate scholarship for the 2020/2021 academic year! Holly will be continuing her MA research on self-beliefs and self-injury among emerging adults!

January 2020

The Presidential and Provostial Task Force on Student Mental Health report is out! Dr. Hamza was one of three nominated faculty members on this task force. Check out the full report here:

December 2019

Lexi Ewing and Maria Ilieff

Congratulations to Lexi Ewing and Maria Ilieff, who both received Canadian Psychology Association thesis of the year awards for their MA theses at the OISE Christmas Gala (December 2019). Lexi’s received the award in Developmental Psychology, and her thesis focused on understanding the link between stressful experiences in university and nonsuicidal self-injury in emerging adulthood. Maria’s received the award in School and Clinical Child Psychology, and her thesis focused on perfectionism and nonsuicidal self-injury. Congratulations to these two trailblazers!

November 2019

New papers alert!! Check out two papers published by Dr. Hamza and her collaborators on ways school nurses can support students who self-injure in NASN School Nurse!

September 2019

Welcome to our new lab member, Will Janssen! Congratulations to Will on his receipt of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2019 – 2021). Will’s doctoral research is focused on personality factors and mental health and well-being.

August 2019

New paper alert! Check out Dr. Hamza’s paper in Journal of Adolescence, entitled, “Impulsivity and nonsuicidal self-injury: A longitudinal examination among emerging adults.”

July 2019

New paper alert! Congratulations to Lexi Ewing on the publication of her MA thesis, “Stressful experiences, emotion dysregulation, and nonsuicidal self-injury among emerging adults” in Journal of Youth and Adolescence! Check out her cool findings!

June, 2019

Exiting news: Dr. Hamza will be serving as one of three nominated faculty members on the Presidential and Provostial Task Force on Student Mental Health at U of T! The members have been tasked with work reviewing existing health services, mental health partnerships, and spaces and making recommendations for improvement! For more information on the task force, visit

The lab had a great time sharing their work at the International Society for the Study of Self-Injury this year in Florida! Congratulations to our presenters, Ariana Simone, Lexi Ewing, Maria Ilieff, and Holly Boyne!

Ariana Simone and Lexi Ewing
Maria Ilieff and Holly Boyne

We are also happy to report we all survived Splash Mountain during our lab trip to Disney World too!

The CARE Lab at Splash Mountain